File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
allocate.h [code]Convenient macros and functions for allocating objects, arrays or 2D arrays
collection.h [code]Functions for collection data structures such as set and array
file_functions.h [code]File functions
sqlite_functions.h [code]SQLite suppporting data structures and functions
str_functions.h [code]String processing functions
Unihan.h [code]API for libUnihan
Unihan_builtin.h [code]Data structures and functions for built-in tables and fields only
Unihan_enum.h [code]Enumeration and defintion used in libUnihan
Unihan_phonetic.h [code]Phonetic symbols (Pinyin and Zhuyin) processing functions
verboseMsg.h [code]Verbose message handling

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