Syllable Struct Reference

Syllable holds transcription and tone. More...

#include <Unihan_phonetic.h>

Data Fields

char transcription [13]
 A phonemes that represents sounds. Can be Pinyin or Zhuyin.
guint tone
 Notation of pitch contour.

Detailed Description

Syllable contains a unit of organization for a sequence of speech sounds. In libUnihan, it contains a toneless-transcription and a tone.

A transcription is a sequence of phonemes that represents sounds. Unlike Pinyin that stores various format, transcription store only the internal format, such as PINYIN_ACCENT_INTERNAL. This makes conversion to/from other Pinyin or Zhuyin easier.

A tone notates the pitch contour. Valid values for Mandarin are 1-5, where 0 if tone is not given.

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